Healthy Transitions

Funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Healthy Transitions works to improve access to treatment and support services for youth and young adults that either have, or are at risk of developing, a serious mental health condition, substance use disorder or are at high risk for suicide. Unfortunately, these youth are among the least likely to seek help and they may “fall through the cracks” and not receive the help they need for assuming safe and productive adult roles and responsibilities.

This program specifically serves youth and young adults, age 16 to 26, in Santa Fe and Española, who are disconnected from social and other community supports and may not be working or may not be in school or in vocational or higher-education programs. Some face the additional challenge of being homeless, or having contact with the juvenile or criminal justice system, increasing the likelihood of admissions to hospitals, mental health facilities and correctional facilities.

Healthy Transitions in both Santa Fe and Española will promote:

  • Creation, implementation and expansion of services and supports that are culturally competent and youth-guided, involve and include family and community members (including business leaders and faith-based organizations) and provide for continuity of care between child- and adult-serving systems to ensure seamless transition.
  • Infrastructure and organization change at a state/tribal/territorial level to improve cross-system collaboration, service capacity and expertise related to youth and young adults who have or are at risk of developing a serious mental health and/or substance use disorders as they transition into adult roles and responsibilities.
  • Public awareness and cross-system provider training, e.g., higher education/community colleges, behavioral health, law enforcement, primary care, vocational services and child welfare.


What is Healthy Transitions?

Healthy Transitions is a youth led program that enables young people to support one another and connect to supportive adults in their community. Anyone ages 16-26 who is in need of more support, resources or community. We can help out with almost anything that enables you to become an independent person. It’s completely up to you as to how we can help you out. We also have a group once a week, where you can hang out with other people who are working on similar goals. It’s a really great thing if you don’t find yourself connecting with people your age as often as you would like. We do small activities centered around taking care of yourself, creative outlet exercises, and outdoor adventures through the Mountain Center. Overall, we love helping young people out! Let us know what you need!

Who is Healthy Transitions for?

Healthy Transitions is designed for youth transitioning into an independent stage of life. For the most part, our modern day society does not make much room for young people who do not have privileged support. Healthy Transitions attempts to fill that gap! Our program is geared towards those who identify as LGBTQIA, Dreamer population, and/or those facing behavioral health challenges. We are able to provide basic support for these youth in becoming independent adults. We try to help clients overcome the many barriers that so many youth find themselves facing.

What is something a youth could get support for through Healthy Transitions?

There is large spectrum of different needs, but youths could be dealing with difficulties tied to peer support, self expression, community, transportation, resume building, job searching, school applications, tutoring, counseling services, finding a counselor that fits their needs, doctors that help clients feel comfortable, etc.

Youths are often asked to figure out on their own how to survive once they leave home, complete rehab, finish time in a detention system, or even just after they graduate from school. Our education system does not always allocate for simple adult survival skills, such as setting up doctor appointments, finding a therapist, meeting court dates, etc. Often times, young people are left to fend for themselves without a chance to mature within a nurturing support system. This contributes to the high number of disconnected youth we have throughout the state of New Mexico. Healthy Transitions hopes to create a community resource that will empower youths to make their own goals while having open minded support.

In short Healthy Transitions is for any person between the ages of 16 to 26 who are looking for a helping hand!

What makes Healthy Transitions different from other youth programs?

Healthy Transitions allows the youth to decide for themselves exactly what their goals are and the type of help they are looking to receive. In this way, we acknowledge that individuals are unique and are the best experts for their own needs and strengths. This gives youth the supportive foundation while simultaneously empowering them to take their own initiative for change.

How do I contact Healthy Transitions to find out more?

We have two sites! Please contact the team who works in your county!

Core Youth Group

What is Core Youth Group?

Healthy Transitions hosts a free core youth group every week. This is an open enrollment opportunity and available to anyone who qualifies to be in Healthy Transitions. The group is also happy to host anyone who just wants to check out Healthy Transitions before committing. Core youth group ranges from many things and depending on the location you go to, the group will host different activities. Examples of groups in the past have been, rock climbing/hiking/ bouldering with The Mountain Center’s Therapeutic Adventure Team, going to art exhibits, bowling, poetry workshops, open art studios, cooking classes, zene projects, therapeutic art and writing workshops, movie night, volunteering at local nursing homes and animal shelters, etc. As you can see, we don’t limit our groups to one thing and are often open to suggestions from new Healthy Transitions clients. Keep in mind that all our activities are free to Healthy Transitions clients, so it won’t cost you anything to come check out what we’ve got going on each week except a little bit of your time. Who knows, you might just meet your new best friend! We hope you will join us and see what we’re all about!

When Does Group Happen?

Rio Arriba’s and Santa Fe’s Core Youth Group happen every Wednesday evening at 4PM-7PM.

How do I find out what is going on this week?

Please contact either team for weekly location and event.

Outdoor Adventure Opportunities

Healthy Transitions has many opportunities for clients to take advantage of while participating in the program. We often times set up events with community partners for youth. One example of this is working directly with The Mountain Center’s Therapeutic Adventure Program. Once a month, the TAP team will offer Healthy Transition clients the ability to participate in a program that they help create. Healthy Transitions has engaged with TAP in many ways. For Example, the TAP team offers hiking, rock climbing, ropes courses, bouldering, overnight camping, and summer time rafting. All of the outdoor programs have leadership and team building games incorporated throughout the experience. TAP’s philosophy is to have each client leave feeling better than when they arrived. With this intention, many of our Healthy Transitions clients love trying one of these things for the first time and learning through new experiences. Please contact your local Healthy Transitions team for the next upcoming HT TAP Day!



“You got me a job and you give me food.”

“Healthy Transitions is great because the staff listens to us and know us and are there for us.”

“There are a lot of teachers who you can tell don’t really care. And you can tell you guys do really care. Kids like me don’t have that many people who really care.”


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Healthy Transitions Program Staff

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Healthy Transitions, Program Manager

Rio Arriba

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Healthy Transitions, Youth Outreach Worker, Rio Arriba

Amanda Abeyta
Healthy Transitions, Youth Outreach Worker, Rio Arriba

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Santa Fe

Christine Alexander
Healthy Transitions, Youth Outreach Worker, Santa Fe


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Healthy Transitions, Youth Outreach Worker, Santa Fe

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